4 Challenges to Ride to Ladakh?

4 Challenges to Ride to Ladakh?

July 10, 2018

“Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen, hume darr hai hum kho na jayein kahin”; this retro song aptly described a traveller challenge back in the 90s. Though over the centuries, as the technology came in and so did the advancements; the problem is no more about the lost ways. We have GPS, Google and endless number of apps helping us out in planning and executing our route a.k.a road plan. But as the life goes unpredictable, so does the most planned out journeys too. Amidst the snow draped mountains and cold desert of Ladakh, you will never know who plays the wildest of its card and you are stranded. All technologies fail and away from the highly civilized world it’s your intellect alone which shall shower blessings on you. So let us all learn a bit more about the challenges one faces in the mostly demanded touristic city: “Bullet-Stan Ladakh”.

So what are the top 4 challenges of visiting Ladakh?

  1. Making of the Itinerary

What pulls thousands of motorists to this amazing city of Leh-Ladakh? The perfectly carved out snaky roads, yes; the sky kissing barren mountains, yes; peace, yes; quaint villages on the way, yes; high motorable passes at whopping heights of 14,000ft and above, yes; and everyone has their own reasons to just hit the road and cruise over. It is really important that all of it is covered well and in a proper order. It may sound like a task to arrange for lodging and deciding the stopovers and sightseeing but we have the solution for all.


Doing a proper research before beginning this adventurous bike trip to ladakh is the best way to headstart your preparations to Ladakh Ride. Plan your night halts properly as the region is pretty isolated and choosing a wrong place for your nighthalt may cause health issues as well because of altitude. Ladakh is full of famous attractions and covering all the places in limited time might be a big challenge for all the travellers. The best way is to get a travel partner like Tantra Adventurez. We have properly researched itineraries based upon your different preferences and we cover each and every famous attractions of Ladakh right from Shanti Stupa to Leh Palace, Shey Monastery to Diskit Monastery, Pangong Tso to Tso Moriri, Khardung La to Chang La.

  1. High Altitude Sickness

How so ever well the itinerary is planned, it comes in a package with the thin air and acute mountain sickness. As fresh and breezy the air maybe, the oxygen content in it drops as we keep ascending causing breathing problems, headache, nausea and worst in all lack of coordination.


As we say, ‘prevention is better than cure’; it is important to acclimatize your body round the journey. Taking stopovers and gradually ascending is a way out of this disease. The most tried and tested out medicine is Acetazolamide (Diamox) easily available in the markets can cure the milder versions. Off caffeine and smoke with extra intake of water helps in faster recovery.

  1. Bike Break Down


Oh this one is no less than ditching! It hurts. Those punctures flatten your excitement too. No preliminary sputtered warning and the engine goes blah, another heart breaking moment. You might haven’t faced this before (and one should never!) yet this remains the bitter truth. Our thunder companion throughout the trail might just decide to go on slumber anytime of the day and fixing it by your own self is the only way out.


Check for all the parts before the long journey begins. Servicing right before the long lap helps in polishing all the functions. Carrying the spare parts is a win-win during break downs. When all the solution and attempts go in vain, the cover you got done for your bike takes care of it once you’re back in town. Meanwhile, there are helpful travellers who would happily assist you. The best is to have a travel companion (Two is a family! And easy on pocket too)

  1. Travel Companion


Oh yes, families too can pose challenges in life at certain points. No, not the blood family, our travel companion (remember? ‘Two is a family!’) can possibly be a problem. Not knowing and picking a company for the entire trip is huge gamble which every motorist takes.


It’s a boon if you know your travel partner and great if it’s through references. It doesn’t come this easily every time though. So, a little research on social media platforms and light conversation prior to the journey makes it a lot easier. Verifying contact details and email addresses makes it all the way more secure. Google and Facebook reviews too play a big role.

Tantra Adventurez is turned out to be one of the best Travel partner for Ladakh having 4.9 Rating on Facebook and Google also their travel advisor clears all the queries over a call.

This was all about the challenges one might face during their tour to Ladakh along with its solutions. Be it the drastically different terrain of Nubra Velley or snow covered roads to Khardung La Pass, they will remain; yet the mountain calls and Ladakh shall and will remain a bikers paradise! Happy Biking!

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