Ladakh-Leh to Leh Ride


Enveloped by the barren mountains with an icing of crystal clear snow, lies the white sand beneath our feet, rivers chiseling out the valleys, colourful prayer flags soaring to reach the dizzying heights, small flat white houses and prismatic monasteries. As we unwrap Leh-Ladakh, the boundless sheet of blue sky, translucent white water, crimson robed monks, patches of green vegetation and paleness of the deserted land aptly symbolises each colour of the Tibetan flags mantra: “Om Ma Ni Padme Hum”.

Who wouldn’t relate to the widely acclaimed movie: 3 idiots? Cruising through valleys and mountains, there at the lake, ‘Silencer; a.k.a Chatur’ bowed to acknowledge Aamir Khan. If only that ‘taufa’ was not for Aamir but the stunning beauty of the place holding the highest salt water lake, highest motor able roads, plentiful monasteries, diverse culture and unmatched challenges and fun it offers. The exquisiteness of Leh-Ladakh pulls not only filmmakers but many riders to jaunt through the rugged and dirt trails to soak in the picturesque poster painted by the nature itself.

With a touch of spirituality and unmatched beauty, Leh-Ladakh is no less than a magical land too. With a place called Magnetic Hill which defies the gravitational force holds for a remarkable experience when we see car climbing up instead of rolling down. With extreme climatic conditions and living away from urbanisation, Leh-Ladakh was and continues to be favoured by traders marking the legacy of The Silk Route. Not only merchants, Leh holds brilliant minds too. Don’t we all remember kids shaving off the sheep and grinding wheat to flour by paddling of cycle in Phunsuk Wangdu School of 3-idiot? That is a school run by Sonam Wangchuk, the real life Wangdu in Leh.

Who wouldn’t want to live the amalgamation of scenery, science, business, magic and unearthliness? So prepare the gears, don the leather jacket, a handy camera and a bullet to ride on; here we hit the road from Delhi to explore the forbidden cold desert: Leh-Ladakh. Let’s soak in mother earth and various shades of it!


Day 1: Arrive Leh

This day, all riders will report to LEH. We will allot bikes and will brief you about the complete plan.


Day 2: Leh local sightseeing

We are finally in the town which we can brag about later. The markets, the houses, the food, the people, the monasteries, the palace and Leh in whole will force you to stay there and sulk in its charm. If we can term just gazing at the elegance with which Shanti Stupa stands tall above the town as meditation, you are sure to be enlightened then. We get to see the spectacular view of Ladakh valley from the Leh palace. One can also pay homage to the warriors who lost their lives in Indo-Pak war by visiting Hall of Fame museum. Leh isn’t a widely spread town, yet it offers various sights to see each giving a unique experience. To hear monks chant the prayers, light the butter lamp and encounter all new culture, one can visit the Thiksey Monastery. For some amazing life hacks and ease of living, one can learn new tricks and techniques from kids in 3-Idiot School. Do try out some local cuisines and shop hunt. Relax with a sip of butter tea by the side and conclude the day.


Day 3: Leh to Nubra

We embark our journey to Khardung La pass, the highest motor able road at 18,380ft. There are no words to describe the feel of being ‘On top of the World’ in literal sense. The pass has its own way of welcoming its visitors. From Tibetan flags waving us from far of distant to pampering us in the lap of the mountain, it soothes us to the core. We continue our way to Nubra valley. The true meaning of cold desert is witnessed here. A widespread of stunning silver sand dunes of Hunder and double humped camels breaks the monastic and scenic approach to Leh-Ladakh. Nubra has another advantage to it of being the third glacier of Siachen. This is the closest we can get to the Siachen glacier where our defence men safeguard us at -50 degree Celsius temperature round the year.


Day 4: Nubra to Pangong

After the nightstay at Nubra we head back to via Shyok River. Enroute we will explore villages like Shyok and Agam which are no less than a heaven. We will reach Pangong Tso by evening. Since the time anyone has seen the Pangong Lake either in movies or through pictures, its aura has pulled people towards it from far - far off places. People fall short of words in describing the charisma of this lake. No wonder claiming for lake caused subtle disputes between India and China in the year 2017. Serenity of the place, tall mountains standing behind the lake and sky reflecting water makes it a compulsion for everyone to spend a night here under the stars.


Day 5: Pangong to Leh

From here we start our return journey. Changthang valley on the route will leave you spell bound. It’s not only rich with great lakes (Pangong being one of them) and vast highlands but hides in them rare wildlife species. Black necked cranes, seagulls, blue sheep and Kyangs being few of them makes this valley a wildlife sanctuary. As we move ahead we are nothing but nostalgic as we had raced through the same path a day before. On reaching Leh we sign off for the day.


Day 6: Leh to Kargil

Today after the breakfast, we will start our ride towards the town of Kargil. This days ride will be very relaxed as the perfect Black Top roads with some of the best views of Ladakh will mesmerize you all the way. Enroute Kargil we will pass across the famous Magnetic Hill, where you can experience the gravity defying phenomenon. The ride today will be along the Indus river and at Alchi, we will witness the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers. As we continue our ride towards Kargil, we will pass across the beautiful Hamlet Lamayuru, also known as The Moonland. By thevening we will arrive at Kargil.


Day 7: Kargil to Leh

Today after breakfast, we will head towards the Second Coldest Inhabited Place of Earth, the town of Drass. We will visit the Kargil War Memorial and pay Homage to our Martyred Soldiers. The ride from Kargil to Drass is a quick smooth ride all along the river with lush green surroundings. After a quick visit to War Memorial, we will head back for Leh.


Day 8: Leh depart

Today is the day of departure with the life long memories.

• Accommodation for 07 Nights on Double Sharing

• 07 Breakfast and 07 Dinners + Morning Tea (Veg Meals)

• Royal Enfield 350/500CC

•  Fuel Expenses

• Back-Up vehicle with Mehanic and Spare Parts

• Inner Line Permits for Nubra and Pangong Tso

• Road Captains

• First-Aid medical kits

• Free TanTra T-shirt

• Lunch on All Days

• Any Monument entry Fee

• Personal Expenses (Snacks/Water Bottles/Energy Drinks)

• Cost Escalation due to natural reason/strike/taxi-Bike Union Issues/Anti social unrest/sudden stut down of permit office etc (Riders need to bear their expenses of the day in such cases)

• Anything which is not mentioned in inclusions

From where the Ride will start?

- Ride will start from Leh. Riders need to fly doen to leh for thi ride.

I am the individual registering for this programme and hereby agree to the following:


  1. I understand that if a change in my health or physical condition does occur which might affect my ability to participate in the Program or otherwise exercise safely, that I will immediately notify Tantra AdventureZ.
  2. I agree that Tantra AdventureZ shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries to me resulting from my participation in the event and I expressly release and discharge Tantra AdventureZ, its owners, employees, agents and/or assigns, from all claims, actions, judgments and the like which I or my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns may have or claim to have as a result of any injury or other damage which may occur in connection with my participation in the event.
  3. I understand that whenever I will feel light headed, faint, dizzy, nauseated or experience pain/discomfort during the camp, I will stop the activity and inform the  Event Leader of  Tantra AdventureZ.
  4. I understand that I am not obligated to perform nor participate in any activity that I do not wish to do, and that is my right to refuse such participation at any time.
  5. I am aware that Tantra AdventureZ does not allow & entertain the consumption of Drugs & Alcohol during the complete activity. If I am found indulging in any such activity, then Tantra AdventureZ has the right to disqualify my participation from the Adventure Activity with immediate effect.
  6. I acknowledge that trainers of Tantra AdventureZ. are not physicians and are not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or any other type of medical advice. Furthermore I am aware that it is always advisable to consult a physician before embarking on any new adventure activity.
  7. In the event of my suffering any medical or health difficulty whilst performing any physical activity, and particularly where I may lose consciousness or be unable to deal with matters myself, I hereby authorize Tantra AdventureZ to contact a physician and to take me to such physician and/or any appropriate medical clinic or other hospital and to use the services of an ambulance where appropriate and I undertake liability for all costs thereby incurred. I am aware of all inherent dangers during the trip. I acknowledge and understand I will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability or death and severe social and economic losses which might result not only from my own action, inaction or negligence, but action, inaction or negligence of others, or the condition of the premises on or off site or of any equipment used and further, that there may be other unknown risks not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I assume all these risks and expressly waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue Tantra AdventureZ for any loss, damage, death, disability, injury, or action of any kind for participating in this camp or any other activities organized by Tantra AdventureZ and I hereby indemnify and hold Tantra AdventureZ. Harm less against any claims by my dependents or other third parties whatsoever arising by reason of my death, disability or injury whilst participating in Adventure Activity.
  8. I am aware that Tantra AdventureZ does not accept responsibility for any loss, theft and/or damage to vehicles and/or personal property left in vehicles or any other area at the location I am camping.
  9. I understand and accept that no refunds, whether in whole or in part, will be granted if I cannot complete the activity
  10. It is in the nature of a holiday of this kind to be flexible. The day to day agenda and ultimate goal of the tour is taken as an aim and not as a contractual obligation. We shall not be responsible for the delays or alterations in the program or expenses incurred due to Conflict, international or internal flight/train/bus delay or cancellations, strikes, sickness, bad weather, natural calamity like landslides/cloud burst/avalanche, road block, war, riots, vehicle problems, political closures, sudden shut down of government office eg immigration office/DC office/RSTA or similar.
  11.  Participants need to bear their own expenses of the day (accommodation + meals, apart from the package cost) in case of change in itinerary due to Conflict, international or internal flight/train/bus delay or cancellations, strikes, sickness, bad weather, natural calamity like landslides/cloud burst/avalanche, road block, war, riots, vehicle problems, political closures, sudden shut down of government office eg immigration office/DC office/RSTA or any other reason which is not under control of Tantra Adventurez
  12. In case any Rider wants to drop the bike on the way other that the starting point of the Ride ie MANALI then Rider have to bear the transportation charges of the bike, which is Rs 10,000/- per bike.
  13. The cost is for the entire package and there would be no refunds in case any part of the Package is not availed
  14. We would not be liable to pay any kind of compensation arising because of any mishap, sickness, accident etc
  15. Your participation in a trip is entirely at your own risk. We are NOT responsible or liable for any injuries you may suffer, fatal or otherwise. Also, we are NOT responsible for any loss or damage to your property, including your motorcycle, irrespective of how any damage may have been caused.
  16. I notify that I do not have any Criminal Cases/Police Cases running against me.
  17. I agree that this constitutes the entire agreement between me and Tantra AdventureZ and I acknowledge that I conclude this Agreement of my own free will without force or coercion and not having been induced to do so by reason of any representations on the part of Tantra AdventureZ. and any agreement to terminate this Agreement or to amend or vary it in any way, shall not be of any force or effect unless and until reduced to writing and signed by the relevant parties.
  18. I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions above.


I have read this Release and Terms of Agreement and understand all of its terms. I sign it voluntarily and with knowledge of its significance.

Participant Name:                                                                     Signature & Date:

From where the Ride will start?

- Ride will start from Leh. Riders need to fly doen to leh for thi ride.

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