About Tantra

Remember the time when you saw a cloud covered mountain with a small valley of beautiful huts and a pool by the side. The smell of daisies and the bloom of tulips, the chirp of birds and the croak of crickets, the vast stretch of green grass and snow covered peaks. Remember the last time you saw a mountain. Clam and quiet, standing in it’s own thoughts with head held high.

“The pursuit of science has often been compared to the scaling of mountains, high and not so high. But who amongst us can hope, even in imagination, to scale the Everest and reach its summit when the sky is blue and the air is still, and in the stillness of the air survey the entire Himalayan range in the dazzling white of the snow stretching to infinity? None of us can hope for a comparable vision of nature and of the universe around us. But there is nothing mean or lowly in standing in the valley below and awaiting the sun to rise over Kanchenjunga.”

― Subrahmanijan Chandrasekhar, Truth and Beauty: Aesthetics and Motivations in Science.

Tantra or complete fun as they say in local himachal is all about loosing oneself in the serenity of nature to rediscover the lost soul. The soul that yearns for peace, listens to the song of the mountain and responds to it’s call and we at tantraadventurez.com strongly believe that it is once that we all crave to answer this call. And what’s best if you get what you want with a teaspoon of memories, a quarter of fun and a pinch of excitement.

Our Mad-a-venture is nothing but reliving the life of a tension free hipster in all new way. Where the mountains are the goal and happiness is the currency lets have a trip of the trip.

List of our Mad-a-venture include

Why us?

Our founders are strong believers that memories are not made but created and that’s why they offer you a pile of them to choose from. Create, live and relive your memories for that’s what is life. It’s all about breathing in from the right sources.

What else?

What is a trip without any memories of the trip. Yes don’t you worry. We will not only let you live it but document it for you. Your happy smiles, your crazy dances, your moments of love, your best selfies, your worst expressions all that you can wish for will be with you as you leave us and you will be with us.

We aren’t some hiking, money makers. We know when you want to go and that’s why we have our best schedules laid for the best of the time just to get you humming as you see, feel, breathe and awesome.